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Our Approach

New thinking, new marketing and a new level off service pretty much sums it up. The County Real Estate Co. is a locally owned brokerage.  All of our sales representatives are licensed with the Real Estate Council of Ontario and are members of the Ontario Real Estate Association, The Canadian Real Estate Association as well as the local Quinte and District Association of Realtors. Unlike most other local agencies, we are also members of the Toronto Real Estate Board. We did this so we can provide our sellers with the very best possible marketing and advertising connections. We like to think outside the box and make connections both inside and outside the county. We embrace technology and allow it to work for us, but never let it compromise real connections with real people. Being tech savvy helps us to be faster, more efficient and more accurate. Real Estate is a fast paced business and we don’t want our clients to miss any opportunities available to them! We communicate in whatever way suits our clients, whether it be by text, messenger, email, phone, FaceTime or in person, to ensure we provide remarkable service through every part of every real estate transaction.

The County Real Estate Co, Prince Edward County



We take service seriously. We will walk you through the entire listing process from start to finish with a helping hand. We make the process as simple, streamlined and stress-free as possible. Let us take care of the tough stuff and you can sit back and relax and watch the offers roll in. We are loyal, hardworking, efficient and accurate. We use technology, but if you don’t that’s okay… we work your way.


We don’t just sit back and do the same old thing. We understand that exposure for your property means going beyond advertisements posted in the local newspaper and regional listings on MLS. We also recognize, that though listing on the Quinte & District Association of Realtors is an essential part of our listing procedure, we have taken the next step and have joined the prestigious Toronto Real Estate Board, because we know buyers aren’t just local. With over 43,000 agents, belonging to this association really takes having “connections” to a whole new level. As a result we are in constant contact with other agents and brokerages from all over the country, in search of potential buyers for your property.

Our Marketing


We use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and whatever other applications we may need to attract the right buyer for your property. We tailor each marketing plan to suit the specific needs of you, our client, and your home and property. We take the time to determine which platform(s) will allow us to market to the right audience. We take into consideration the social behaviours of your ideal buyer and will advertise accordingly; whether it be newspaper, radio, mail, signage, internet, social media etc. We are 100% mobile friendly, because at the County Real Estate Co. we know where the buyers are…online. We also know the value of internet marketing and put a lot of emphasis on Social Media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the process of making the content on our website, to do with your listing, highly relevant and visible to both search engines and internet searches. Good SEO drives potential buyers right to your door step, both figuratively and literally. By applying SEO strategies like target keyword search, Google Analytics and Google Ad Words, your listing will come up with even the most basic of internet searches. In addition to making sure your listing appears in Google searches, we utilize social media in a way which promotes the sale of your home.


Preferred Properties

The Preferred Property division of The County Real Estate Co. is focused on providing a modern, dynamic and professional approach to Prince Edward County’s quality and luxury real estate market. 

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