New thinking, new marketing and a new level of service pretty much sums it up.

Our Team

Our team at The County Real Estate Co. is comprised of industry professionals: Stephanie Sokolowski, Broker of Record, is the owner of the company, and Gary Morden, Broker, boasts over three decades of experience in the real estate industry.

Photo of Stephanie Sokolowski
Stephanie Sokolowski,
Broker of Record and Owner

As the founder of The County Real Estate Co., Stephanie can almost be classified as a local county girl…almost. Born in Northern Ontario, Stephanie grew up in various towns and cities across the province. She spent time as a child and again as a teen in Prince Edward County. After having lived in various regions of Canada and abroad, no matter where she went, the county was always calling her back. Having lived and worked in a ton of different places Stephanie developed a real comfort in working with new people, in new environments and is experienced in the art of adaptation. Part of her strength is in her customer service abilities. Stephanie is quick to identify ones personal style, and is then able to meet their every want and need. Stephanie is creative, perceptive, honest and both tech and business savvy. Past business relationships and major negotiations in the retail, garment, and wedding industry have helped prepare her for even the most challenging real estate transactions. Stephanie is always looking for a way to make improvements, increase efficiency and even make things a bit more stylish along the way – and her approach to real estate is no different. After working on numerous personal real estate deals in the more recent past, she realized there was some room for improvement. So that is where the inspiration for The County Real Estate Co. began.The focus of our boutique brokerage is service, and Stephanie, well she’s a real go getter, you’ll see.

Photo of Gary Morden
Gary Morden,

Gary is true county professional. Growing up in Wellington and working in his younger days as a land surveyor, Gary started his real estate career over 35 years ago as an agent, then as a broker/co-owner of a large real estate franchise. He is the experienced anchor of this operation. His 35+ years in real estate sales, appraisals and land development really assures his clients that he knows what’s what and who’s who in the industry, and most importantly, in this area. He is straight and to the point and he knows his stuff. And the best part about Gary is that he is eagerly helping The County Real Estate Co. transform the old way of real estate into the new generation of real estate. We are lucky to have this project enthusiast and get-it-done kind of guy on board. And you will be lucky to have him in your corner.